Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloudify your Databases Faster

Up and running with your databases on Amazon is now even faster. IBM recently published AMIs for DB2 Express-C 9.7.2. For those not in the know, DB2 Express-C is the free edition of IBM's enterprise class relational and XML database - DB2 for Linux and Windows (and Mac OS). And although DB2 Express-C AMIs have been available for quite some time, the newer AMIs include a web-based interface for initial setup and config, which makes the process a lot quicker.

The DB2 Express-C 9.7.2 AMIs are available both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and are based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10. There is no license fees for running these development-use AMIs so you only pay for hourly EC2 and any other AWS charges. But since these are available through Dev Pay, you first need to subscribe (which in Dev Pay speak implies clicking on the "Purchase" button) to use these AMIs. Here are the links to Dev Pay entries to subscribe to DB2 Express-C 32-bit and 64-bit AMIs.

Once subscribed you'll need to know the AMI IDs to launch them. Here are the details:

US Region:
32-bit ami-1b30db72 ec2-dev-ibm-images/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-32-bit.manifest.xml
64-bit ami-1930db70 ec2-dev-ibm-images/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-64-bit.manifest.xml

32-bit ami-97c7b8c5 ec2-dev-ibm-images-ap/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-32-bit.manifest.xml
64-bit ami-7bc6b929 ec2-dev-ibm-images-ap/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-64-bit.manifest.xml

There is also a 5-min video walking through the process of launching DB2 AMIs using the Amazon console but it has yet to be updated for the new web-based DB2 AMI initial config.

There are also Ubuntu 10.04 based DB2 Express-C AMIs if you prefer. And if you want to run DB2 on a different OS, well, since DB2 Express-C is free, you can simply download DB2 Express-C and create an AMI on the Linux or Windows OS of your choice.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Which database image to use on cloud?

I often get asked: I want to run an Enterprise-class database in the Cloud, what are my options and which image / service should I use? In this post I'll focus on the IBM DB2 database for Linux (, Unix, and Windows) and cover several Cloud options for it. I won't go into too much detail for now ... each option merits its own post. So I'll keep this posting brief, include some relevant links and resources, and as I write detailed post for each option I'll start linking them from here.

1. IBM Dev/Test Cloud
Demo | Learn More

2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Quickstart Video | Tutorial | Webcast | Free AMIs | Paid AMIs | FAQ | DB2 on Ubuntu AMI | RightScale Templates

3. IBM WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance
Demo | Learn More

4. VMware Virtual Appliances
DB2 Express-C Appliance from IBM | DB2 Express-C on Ubuntu Appliance from 3rd party | DB2 Enterprise Evaluation Appliance

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Database on the Cloud an Appliance?

Database and Data Warehsousing appliance's (from Netezza, Teradata, Oracle - Exadata, IBM - pureScale system, Greenplum, etc.) that bundle and tightly integrate the right hardware, storage, networking and software are all the rage these days. So why note take this concept a little further where you get all the benefits of an appliance but don't have to worry about physical maintenance, or more importantly not have to pay for the physical hardware? Well thats exactly what Canonical and IBM have done by releasing a Cloud Database Appliance that runs on Amazon's EC2 (well you can also run it in your private Eucalyptus based Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud).

This Database Appliance contains Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux) and DB2 Express-C 9.7 (database software). Unlike a traditional database appliance where you have to shell out megabucks, this appliance is "virtually" free. At least the software components - Ubuntu and DB2 Express-C - are both free, and running the appliance starts at 8.5cents an hour. And you can get going within just a few minutes. Well, enough talk ... lets watch this video and see things in action:

In closing I'll leave you with AMI names/numbers for this database appliance that you can run in US (East and West), EU, and AP regions:

  • us-east: DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i386 - 20100520 (ami-bd37ded4)
  • us-west: DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i386 - 20100520 (ami-ad87d6e8)
  • eu-west: DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i386 - 20100520 (ami-f5200a81)
  • ap-southeast: DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i386 - 20100520 (ami-b7e798e5)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cloud database now production ready

Are you aware that DB2 can be used on public clouds such as Amazon for free? Thats right, there are no OS or DB2 license fees for using DB2 Express-C AMIs ... you just pay for the AWS infrastructure which starts from 8.5 cents per hour (or even lower if using reserved instances). If you're interested in taking DB2 for a test drive on Amazon EC2, this short video will show you how in just a few minutes. Of course there is also step-by-step tutorial available.

Although DB2 has been available on the cloud for some time now, a somewhat significant happening occurred a few days back. The IBM team made DB2 version 9.7.1 AMIs available for EC2. The .1 at the end represents fixpack 1 level of code. While the fixpack level is unimportant in most cases, it matters in this case as there seems to be an unwritten rule for many people to use a new software version in production only after a fixpack (or 2) has been released. This tends to be more prevalent in enterprise environments where users typically shy away from GA level code.

The DB2 9.7.1 AMIs can be used for both development and production. Typically people would employ the DB2 Express-C AMIs for development and test and DB2 Express or Workgroup edition AMIs for production.

The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.

The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.