Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cloud database now production ready

Are you aware that DB2 can be used on public clouds such as Amazon for free? Thats right, there are no OS or DB2 license fees for using DB2 Express-C AMIs ... you just pay for the AWS infrastructure which starts from 8.5 cents per hour (or even lower if using reserved instances). If you're interested in taking DB2 for a test drive on Amazon EC2, this short video will show you how in just a few minutes. Of course there is also step-by-step tutorial available.

Although DB2 has been available on the cloud for some time now, a somewhat significant happening occurred a few days back. The IBM team made DB2 version 9.7.1 AMIs available for EC2. The .1 at the end represents fixpack 1 level of code. While the fixpack level is unimportant in most cases, it matters in this case as there seems to be an unwritten rule for many people to use a new software version in production only after a fixpack (or 2) has been released. This tends to be more prevalent in enterprise environments where users typically shy away from GA level code.

The DB2 9.7.1 AMIs can be used for both development and production. Typically people would employ the DB2 Express-C AMIs for development and test and DB2 Express or Workgroup edition AMIs for production.

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The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.

The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.