Friday, April 12, 2013

Future of Big Data in 3 Prezis

Once every few years comes along a revolutionary piece of technology that causes massive disruptions in the existing landscape because it caters to an unfulfilled need in a remarkable way at the right time and carves out a new market in the process. In my “relatively” short IT career I have been fortunate enough to be involved up-close with several of these game changing technologies including – MPP databases, Linux,  cloud computing, Hadoop, and something I am really excited about these days – Big SQL!

If you are already familiar with Big SQL – that’s great … you can skip over to further in this post. If not, all I’m going to say is that Big SQL is a natural extension to Hadoop and big data analytics, which Leon Katsnelson explains very succinctly in this first prezi:

(Click on Start Prezi, wait for it to load and use arrow buttons below the prezi to navigate forward ... better viewed fullscreen - use button on bottom right)

If your interest is peaked, you might as well get to know a bit more about Big SQL by going through this second prezi titled Big SQL Overview:

And finally this third prezi will tell you about how to go about getting some hands-on experience with  Big SQL:

Useful links:
Take the free online course on SQL for Hadoop

The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.

The forecast for dataville is partly cloudy.